Custom Letterpress Certificates for Walter Bosse’s Hedgehogs

Walter Bosse Letterpress Hedgehog Ashtray Authenticity Cards

Walter Bosse Letterpress Certificates for Hedgehogs

Next up, we thought we’d share some up close and personal photos of the letterpress Certificate of Authenticity cards we produced specially for the upcoming sale.

A little bit about the process: Each card was hand printed with a Heidelberg Windmill on duplexed Eames solar white paper. The back was printed knockout in black and the front was printed with black and gold ink. The gold ink on the logo was then brushed with metallic gold dust, brushed with a feather an left to dry. The result gives it a unique textured metallic finish. Definitely a labor of love but we think it was worth it!

Please Note: It takes a great deal of time, effort, and money to maintain the museum collection, host this website, create informative posts, and respond to authentication and identification requests. Thank Alyssa for her expertise and authentication assistance here—tips are greatly appreciated!

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Enjoy more gratuitous macro shots!



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