Walter Bosse Vintage Nesting Hedgehog Ashtray Set, c. 1960s


This iconic set of hedgehogs is a classic of mid century modern design. Designed by Walter Bosse, an expert craftsman from the golden age of Vienna bronzes. His “black/gold” line of animals was crafted to make “as many people as possible happy.” Copied millions of times over, offered here is an authentic set from the 1950s.

An original vintage example of Walter Bosse’s most famous design from the 1960’s. This complete set of 6 stacking hedgehog ashtrays is in excellent original condition. The casting quality is superb and the detail is excellent. The patina is a rich black with a bit of shine and the polishing is subtle with a bright brass color. Baby is well detailed and tall with X legs and large eyes. Spines are tall and rounded, the nose is very long and pointed at the end and the legs are on the longer side. Overall this is a classic example of Walter Bosse’s hedgehog ashtrays. All these attributes show this is a set from the late 1950s or early 1960s. Comes with all 6 hedgehog ashtrays that stack up and nest inside each other. Made of solid brass. A super cute set with great proportions and excellent attention to detail!

Unmarked. Last two images show a page from an original Walter Bosse catalog circa the 1960s and an original advertisement for his hedgehog ashtrays.

Authenticated by Modern Vienna Bronze as an original Walter Bosse design.

ウォルター・ボッセ – ハリネズミオブジェ/灰皿

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Designed by Walter Bosse, circa 1960s.

Born in Vienna in 1904, Walter Bosse was a student of Micheal Powolny, Franz Cizek, and Richard Riemerschmid. He initially worked with ceramic sold by the Wiener Werkstätte, Augarten, and Goldscheider. His designs are some of the most important works in mid-century decorative arts. In the late 1940s Bosse began to produce countless brass miniatures (mostly animal figurines) with which he showed his admiration for the various creatures of nature. With his colleague, Karl Hagenauer, he created several figures inspired by the “zoo” theme. With the uncommon look of the collection, he focused on “making as many people as possible happy.” In partnership with Herta Baller he presented his collection at art fairs in Frankfurt, where he found a large amount of international customers. The “black/gold” interplay between polished and patinated brass was soon known around the world.

Materials: Bronze/brass

Overall Dimensions:
11.5cm / 4.5″ long
7cm / 2.75″ tall
7cm / 2.75″ wide
Smallest hedgehog: 4cm / 1.5″ long
Full set of 6 ashtrays

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 122 mm