Introducing the Walter Bosse Master Collection

Collection of Walter Bosse Brass Masters

We were recently given a very generous donation of vintage original masters by Walter Bosse and Herta Baller. These include bronze sculptures and everyday objects used for casting which are about 20% larger than finished items cast from these masters.

Please Note: It takes a great deal of time, effort, and money to maintain the museum collection, host this website, create informative posts, and respond to authentication and identification requests. Thank Alyssa for her expertise and authentication assistance here—tips are greatly appreciated!

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All have been sitting unused since the 1950s and came from the original collection of the Bosse/Baller company in Austria. Most are rusty from having been left in their raw state but some were given a patina and polishing. Most are very rough and were never used in production. A few items are completely finished items whose masters were lost, but the finished item was kept for later casting.

Enjoy the images below and in the Virtual Museum as well!

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