Common Walter Bosse Fakes – England

Some of the most common Walter Bosse fakes out on the market right now are a collection of items from England. Almost always unmarked, the most common items are giraffes, horses, firehorses, dachshunds, donkeys, cats, gazelles, kangaroo, ducks, geese, and elephants. Sometime in the 1960s–’70s, a company in England started making copies of a few […]

52 × BOSSE: Bonus!

52 X Bosse - Featured Image

So we have finally reached the end of our project. Did you enjoy it? Here are some extra bonus shots that didn’t make it into this year’s posts. What do you think, should we do another year? Walter Bosse’s 6040 Rabbit on a log. Walter Bosse’s 6025 lion standing on a mountain. Walter Bosse’s 6002 […]