Common Walter Bosse Fakes – England

Some of the most common Walter Bosse fakes out on the market right now are a collection of items from England. Almost always unmarked, the most common items are giraffes, horses, firehorses, dachshunds, donkeys, cats, gazelles, kangaroo, ducks, geese, and elephants. Sometime in the 1960s–’70s, a company in England started making copies of a few […]

Jonathan Adler’s New Brass Menagerie!

Walter Bosse vs Jonathan Adler Brass Hippos

We’re big fans of Jonathan Adler’s brass bibelots! They seem to be very much inspired by Bosse’s older work with his collection of letter openers, corkscrew and shoehorns. It’s great that modern designers are also being inspired by brass. Their company ethics are similar in that they wanted to bring happiness to people through their designs. […]