Walter Bosse Vintage Pottery Cat Egg Cup, c. 1960s


This cat is a small creature with big personality! Walter Bosse, a prolific designer and potter, created his animals from clay with a soul in each and hoped to make “as many people as possible happy.”

Walter Bosse started out his life working in pottery, making animals and “grotesques” with their signature pierced eyes. Due to their popularity, he eventually opened his own store for his pottery works in the 1940s in Austria. He then later moved to brass and bronze, using his early pottery figures as models.

Excellent example of an Austrian pottery cat by Walter Bosse. This is a large cat sculpture for Walter Bosse, see the size comparison with one of Bosse’s regular figurines in the last photo. This modernist cat has metallic black glaze, orange nose, white face and spots of turquoise on the paws and ears. It is in great condition and very finely finished. Last image shows the pottery cat next to a brass figurine for scale, listing is only for the pottery cat. Small glazing flaw in the face, can only be seen from the side. Marked with original price stamp, made for Karlsruhe Majolika. 1956-1979.

Authenticated by Modern Vienna Bronze as an original Walter Bosse design.

ウォルターボッセ / ネコ / マジョリカ焼き

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Designed by Walter Bosse, circa 1960s.

Born in Vienna in 1904, Walter Bosse was a student of Micheal Powolny, Franz Cizek, and Richard Riemerschmid. He initially worked with pottery, making animals and “grotesques.” These were sold alongside other Wiener Werkstätte artists and sold at Augarten, Scheibbs, and Goldscheider. His designs are some of the most important works in mid-century decorative arts. With the uncommon look of the collection, he focused on “making as many people as possible happy.” Due to the unique look of his pottery and their increasing popularity, he eventually opened his own store in the 1940s in Austria. In the late 1950s Bosse began to design animals based on many of his early pottery models in collaboration with Karlsruhe Majolika. They produced his animals up until 1979 in various bright colors with their signature crackle glazes. He showed his admiration for the various creatures of nature with all his designs. Like all his pottery figures, these animals all have Bosse’s signature pierced holes for eyes. It has often been said that through those eyes one can almost see a soul inside each creature.

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Materials: Pottery / Glaze

Dimensions: 82 mm / 3.25″ tall
50 mm / 2″ wide

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Weight 72 g
Dimensions 50 × 82 mm