Carl Auböck Vintage Key Corkscrew, Small, c. 1940s


This key corkscrew mixes modern design with exceptional craftsmanship. Carl Auböck II (1900-1957), master of Bauhaus design and Viennese Bronzes, elevated modern everyday objects to desirable things of value with his clever designs. His sense of humor and love for design is evident in all his creations.

Excellent example of a Carl Auböck brass corkscrew. This modernist key shaped corkscrew from the 1950s is in great condition with good patina. Unmarked. These first show up in Auböck’s 1947-1950 sketchbook. Last images show an original page from the 1940s Auböck catalog with the corkscrew shown under #3559 and a modern catalog page from the 1960s with the corkscrews under #225/3687.

Authenticated by Modern Vienna Bronze as an original Carl Auböck design.

カール・オーボック / キーコークスクリュー

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Designed by Carl Auböck II, circa 1947-1950.

Founded in 1912, Werkstätte Auböck was founded by Karl Heinrich Auböck, where work continues to this day. His son, Carl Auböck II (1900) was a student of the Bauhaus and Johannes Itten, Walter Gropius, and Lyonel Feininger. Together with his son Carl III (1924) they created everyday objects with a sense of whimsy and with motifs that would be recognizable to everyone. Carl III (1924) studied at MIT in 1957 where the young architect met with Charles Eames, Benjamin Thompson and George Nelson. After Carl II passed in 1957, Carl III began running the workshop with a focus on industrial design. He successfully expanded sales worldwide to clients like Tiffany & Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, Ginza Shiseido in Tokyo, Harrod’s in London and Christofle in Paris. After his death in 1993, the workshop passed to Justine Auböck (1926) and then to her children, Maria and Carl IV, who are still at the helm today. Today, Auböck’s over 4000 classic designs are continuing to be discovered and cherished by collectors everywhere.

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Materials: Bronze/brass

Dimensions:  90 mm /  3.5″ long
mm 50 mm /  2″ wide

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Weight 98 g
Dimensions 90 × 50 mm

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