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Rainer Schilling’s Metzler and Ortloff Collection on Flickr

Walter Bosse Metzler and Ortloff Collection on flickr

Every time I do a search for Walter Bosse I always end up coming across images from walter.bosse’s photostream on Flickr. With their signature bright blue backgrounds, they are hard to miss. Recently I talked to the the owner of these Flickr photostreams, Rainer Schilling. He currently manages two streams under walter.bosse and walter.bosse2 containing comical pieces by Bosse for Metzler & Ortloff and two more accounts collectors had asked him to create with M&O cats and Bosse’s pottery pieces. He’s done an extensive job cataloging and photographing sizes, markings, historical prices and catalog numbers.

As a specialist for Metzler and Ortloff, he started these Flickr streams out of his passion for their more comical pieces and because there was no current catalog for the items. His collection spans more than 400 pieces and is still growing. As the pieces are becoming more collectible they are harder to find and he says he is “glad if I can find one new piece in a month”. He’s still looking for new pieces so if you happen to come across an item, be sure to send him an email as there are still 0ver 300 items he hasn’t found yet.

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